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Schools from around the world can now sign up to participate in our new Survival Games tournament!

We are proud to introduce an exciting twist on an old classic within the Minecraft: Java Edition community, Survival of the Fittest, Season 1. This is an introductory event in which schools from all over the United States will pair two students together to achieve national success and fight for the title of Survival Games champions.

What are the Survival Games?
Survival Games is a strategy-based game based off of the Hunger Games franchise where players compete against others in order to win on a “map” (level), in order to win the round. In the case of our Survival Games tournament series, students will be partnered with one another in order to work together and win in a tournament, bracket-based league.

Game IP Address!

Point System:
Point System:
3 points per kill 
1 point if you're alive & someone else dies
1st- 10 points
2nd- 7 points
3rd- 5 points
4th- 3 points
5th- 1 point

What are the benefits of signing up my students for this league?
We know that COVID-19 has had an unprecedented effect on in-person learning, and even more so has made it difficult for students to communicate with their peers. By introducing a competitive extracurricular to your students, you’re introducing them to skills that will help them succeed in real life by building:
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Sportsmanship & Leadership
  • Critical thinking & problem solving
  • And more…!

If you have any further questions about the benefits of signing up for this league, feel free to contact a staff member in our Discord server where we’ll be happy to assist you, or by emailing

How do I sign up my students for this league?
If you wish to sign up your students (or several students) up for this league, please contact an Executive or esports manager in our Discord, or email More information about our league will be posted on our website as the event comes closer. Please keep in mind you can only sign up two players per team, but you can sign up multiple teams.

How long will this tournament last?
This tournament will be played over two days depending on your bracket starting at 6:30pm EDT depending on your schools region.

Elementary/Middle school brackets will start on May 10th and conclude on May 11th*

Any further questions? Contact us via email! 

We recognize that some students have unenrolled in public school and have instead chosen private schooling or homeschooling during these times, which may not offer the same choice programs as public schools. If you are a parent or representative of a private school not within a public school district who elects to sign up your children/students for the league, please email us and we will accommodate your request.

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