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We are CompMC.

Minecraft esports

CompMC aims to bring together a worldwide community and make the Minecraft esports scene more competitive, educational, and fun!


All over the world, we host events featuring competitive gamemodes such as Capture the Wool, Destroy the Monument, and more. Bring your friends together, come to our events and compete for a chance at fame!

Live Events!

Want to see what we are doing? We may be live! Check our livestream to see if there are any current events and show us some support! We won't be possible without the community!


CompMC wants to make use of Minecraft in education! Interested?

Our mission.

Our mission is to provide a platform and community where Minecraft players can participate in competitive Minecraft tournaments through all platforms; we encourage strategic competitive success through teamwork, community bonding and sportsmanship. Our experienced staff from all around the world strive to maintain a healthy and positive gaming environment for players of all ages.

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Complete - February 22/23, 2020

Minefaire Dallas Dallas, TX

Complete - September 21/22, 2019

Minefaire Chicago, IL

Complete - November 18, 2019

Microsoft Store San Diego, CA

CompMC Official Logo
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