CompMC Rules

Last updated: June 19th, 2020

  1. Maintain respectful and friendly behavior across all of our services (discord, website, and social media). Keep everything rated Y at a minimum, PG at the maximum as we want to have an environment for all ages. Toxicity will not be tolerated under any circumstance. Use common sense. Anything inappropriate (images, spam, media, or other content) on our discord is strictly prohibited. Attempting to privately target users with such content will result in a permanent removal from all services.

  2. Do not accusate other players of cheating or of rule-breaking publicly. Instead, try privately getting into contact with our staff members to ensure your accusations can be validated.

  3. Follow staff instructions. They are here to help and ensure players have an enjoyable experience on our services.

  4. Do not hack or make use of any tools which give you an unfair advantage over vanilla users. The following tools are expressly allowed:

    1. ToggleSprint (but not ToggleSneak)

    2. Optifine

    3. Mini-map which does not reveal entity location, only terrain

    4. Game clients such as Badlion Client, LabyMod, Lunar Client, OCMC, 5Zig, Cosmic Client, PvP Loungeā€¦

  5. "One physical movement of a body part = one single press of a button = one single in-game action (i.e. a single click)" or in other words binding several keys to a single key and using macros is prohibited.

    1. Butterfly click at your own risks and perils.
  6. Do not attempt to harm or bring down any of our services. Do not exploit any bugs; instead, report them to a staff member.

  7. The senior staff reserve the right to enforce punishments on players at any given time, of any level of severity.

  8. All players currently running Windows MUST have Windows Defender enabled or any other antivirus/antimalware substitute whilst playing the event and during screenshare

Consequences: Unfair Advantages:

  1. We distinguish among three types of unfair advantages: Movement, Combat, Information & Miscellaneous.

    1. Movement: any tool which modifies vanilla movement mechanics (examples: flying, Speed, Glide, Spider, B-Hop, ToggleSneak, NoSlowDown, Dolphin, Blink)

    2. Information & Miscellaneous: any tool which provides more information to the user on the player environment than is available to vanilla users, or is a tool that does not fall under either the Movement or Combat categories (examples: radar, X-Ray, AutoBuild, Regen, AutoTool)

    3. Combat: any tool which provides for different combat mechanics than those typical of vanilla users (examples: modified knockback, AutoClick, Aimbot, Triggerbot, KillAura/Forcefield, macros, Reach)

  2. Stand-alone Movement and Information advantages will be dealt a 3 month first-instance ban. Stand-alone Combat advantages will be dealt a 1 year first-instance ban.

  3. The combination of Movement and Information & Miscellaneous advantages, and the combination of Movement and Combat advantages will be dealt a 3 month first-instance ban.

  4. The combination of Combat and Information & Miscellaneous advantages will be dealt a 1 year first-instance ban.

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